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1. What comes in a package of whiskey stones?
In the wooden box you get 9 stones made of basalt, which have the ability to maintain the temperature for up to several hours, a pouch for freezing cubes and tongs.

2. What should be done before first use?
Before use, rinse the stones under running water, then dry them and place them in a pouch. Then place the pouch with the stones in the freezer for four hours and then place cooled stones with the help of a tongs in the glass.

3. How long does it take for the stones to cool in the freezer?
Four hours.

4. What should I do with the stones after use?
After use, rinse them under running water, dry them and they are ready to cool again in the freezer.

5. Can stones cool other drinks, not just whiskey?
Of course. The use of cubes is suitable for all types of alcoholic (spirits, cocktails, wine, beer ...) and soft drinks. Gin tonic lovers, on the other hand, absolutely adore them.

6. Do the stones absorb the taste of the drink or the smell from the freezer?
Not at all. The stones are characterized by the property of neutrality, so they will only cool your drink, but will not change its taste, nor absorb the smell or taste of the drink, nor will they absorb odors from the freezer.

7. Will the stones change the taste of my drink?
No. The stones are completely neutral.

8. Will the stones scratch the glasses?
Not at all. The surface of the stones is very smooth, so they do not leave marks on the jars.



1. How do I set the stopper on the bottle?
Place the stopper well on the neck of the bottle. Press the top of the stopper a few times to create a vacuum in the bottle. Press until the top of the stopper rises not more than 1 cm. Mark the closing date with the upper part of the stopper.

2. How long will the wine stay fresh?
The wine will stay fresh for several weeks.

3. Does the stopper fit only on the bottles?
No, you can also put the stopper on ordinary bottles.



1. What comes in a package with straws?
The set includes: eight metal straws (four straight and four curved), two brushes for thorough cleaning of the inside of the straws and a practical bag with which you can take the straws anywhere.

2. What are metal straws made of?
Stainless steel.

3. How can I clean them?
When washing, you can help yourself with the brushes that come in the package, so you will easily clean the inside of the straws. Do not use rough objects to clean the straws as they will damage their surface. After washing, make sure that the straws dry well, as this will ensure safe use and hygiene.

4. Can I wash straws in the dishwasher?
In principle, you can, but we recommend washing under running warm water with the help of brushes, as this will help you clean them better.

5. Can I also use straws for hot drinks?
Of course. However, be careful as the metal has a high thermal conductivity, so be careful when using straws for hot drinks.

6. Do straws absorb the taste and smell of the drink?

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