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Who are we?

We are a team of young enthusiasts who love to prepare a variety of drinks and try new recipes. Over the years, we have gained quite a bit of experience in serving and producing drinks, and we have also gained mileage in preparing a variety of drinks for friends and family. Along with the latter, we noticed that our loved ones are also impressed by the utensils we used to simplify and improve the preparation of our drinks. So we decided to develop our brand CHILI N LIME, under the auspices of which we will provide quality products with which you will be able to impress your loved ones.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are lovers and connoisseurs of whiskey and wine, as well as those who like to spice up their drinks aesthetically. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we only sell proven and quality products that we have been testing for some time.

We are always available

You can answer the questions you can ask us via e-mail: and you can also find us at Facebook in Instagram.

The products are of course available at our website.

About our company:

Full name: Spletna prodaja Marjana Pikec s.p.
Short name: Marjana Pikec s.p.

Address: Glavna cesta 66, 4202 Naklo, Slovenija
Registration number: 8839689000
Tax number: 56386281
Registration authority: AJPES, izpostava Kranj